Optimize your heating management
Manage the temperature of each room individually.
Discover the EasyPelt
Our new battery-free valve, thanks to the Peltier effect
Save money and increase your comfort.
With Snugr, it is easy to get the right temperature, at the right time, in every room.
Manage you heating remotely.
Control your heating schedules and temperatures from anywhere.

At the simple push of a button, set the temperature you want, when and where you want it. With Snugr’s smart thermostatic valves and thermostat you can control the temperature in each room of your home to within one degree, in real time. By controlling the temperature accurately, thanks to the Snugr, you will save up to 40% on your heating bill.

With Snugr, heat smart!

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Cost of heating in a business

For most companies, heating accounts for 30% of operating expenses.

Boiler replacement and insulation work is heavy and expensive work that often takes many years, resulting in skyrocketing energy bills and frequent discomfort in these buildings. Snugr requires little or no work and therefore offers a very attractive return on investment.

Snugr Aeroterms

Vous avez de nombreuses pièces, avec des tailles et des occupations différentes?

Snugr vous apporte la maîtrise de la température de chaque pièce, à la minute et au degré près. Snugr est compatible avec votre installation de chauffage existante et peut gérer les différentes sources de chaleur: radiateurs, chauffage sol, aérothèrmes, radiateurs électriques...

Gestion du chauffage dans un entrepôt

Snugr reduces heating bills by up to 40%.

by precisely controlling the temperature of each room and avoiding unnecessary heating. One touch of the finger and the heating is switched off. It will be automatically restarted to ensure the desired temperature during the next period of occupancy of the room.

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Snugr: Centralized heating management and optimization

With Snugr's intelligent valves and thermostat, you control the temperature of each room, independently and to the exact degree.

Configure heating schedules adapted to the occupancy of your buildings from anywhere and with ease.
Snugr allows you to manage each heating circuit and each room individually.


Does your company have a room reservation tool or shared calendars?

Synchronize them with Snugr! You won't even have to think about turning the heat on or off in your offices, meeting rooms, locker rooms, sheds or workshops...
Snugr is compatible with software such as Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar and many others...

Discover Snugr in video!

With Snugr’s smart thermostatic valves and thermostat you can control the temperature in each room of your home to within one degree, in real time from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

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Keep warm

The right temperature when and where you want it. With Snugr, you get the temperature in each room of your home to within one degree, in real time.

Save more

Savings of up to 40% on heating bills by controlling the temperatures and heating schedules for each room.

Consume less

Smaller energy bills. Smaller CO2 footprint.

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