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Become a certified Snugr installer!

Snugr does not require heavy works and is easy to install.


Offer your customers the unbeatable combination of warmth, comfort and cheaper bills.

Offer Snugr!


In Belgium, energy accounts for around 30% of household spending. By giving you more accurate control over the temperature in each room and preventing unnecessary heating, Snugr could reduce your energy bills by up to 40%.

Snugr smart thermostatic valves and thermostats allow you to control the temperature in each room to within one degree, in real time. Snugr is easy to install and operate, with fingertip control and remote access via your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Snugr can be installed at the same time as new boilers and insulation, giving your customers both total control and optimal performance.

Become a Snugr installer and help your customers to cut their energy consumption while generating extra income.

Snugr for every heater

Heating gas, oil , pellets or electric, floor heating and aerotherms: Snugr is compatible with all energies but also with all boilers. The Snugr Smart thermostatic valves and thermostat fit all the radiators and Snugr are even compatible with underfloor heating .

Snugr is a simple wireless solution, easy to use and to install. No heavy works required.

Discover Snugr in video!

With Snugr’s smart thermostatic valves and thermostat you can control the temperature in each room of your home to within one degree, in real time from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

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Benefits of Snugr

Savings of up to 40% on heating bills


Control over the temperature in each room

Simple installation

Easy and remote operation

Smaller CO2 footprint CO


They trust us and make savings

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